Buying Your Way Into The Louvre. And Finding Banksy There | by Ryan Johnston | Medium

Buying Your Way Into The Louvre

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Buying Credibility and Success

This is what people have been doing for years, but it has always been on the down-low. Or perhaps we tell ourselves it doesn’t happen because we still believe in the power of hard work.

Buying Followers

You can do it on Instagram and Facebook. Why not do it everywhere else in life? Get enough followers and you must be famous.

Buying Authenticity

Apple was the company that would be original and let everyone have a personal computer. Finally, someone could bring technology to the masses. And, to top it off, they had great style, design, usability. But the biggest thing was that they were for real artists. You know, the true creators of the world. The ones who could spend thousands on a computer that had a picture of an apple. Or something really groundbreaking like a $1000 phone that had unbelievable technology like a picture of an apple on it. Or the unheard of touchscreen of the iPad and iPhone. Except that the first touchscreen was invented in the 1960s and Microsoft had an iPad-like product in 2001. But, hey, Apple really made it come alive by, you guessed it, putting an apple on the back.

Banksy In The Louvre

What would happen if you were to turn a corner in the Louvre and find some stencilled graffiti on the wall, signed by Banksy himself?

Association Does Not Equal Importance

You may never find Banksy in the Louvre. That’s probably because he wouldn’t want it. (Or so I imagine.) Because being there does not an artist make.

Instead, make art that deserves to be there whether it makes it there or not.

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