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How To Telepathically Summon Aliens: Coherent Thought Sequencing (CTS)

Monad Mantis
Mar 6, 2020 · 8 min read
Dr. Steven Greer
Dr. Steven Greer


Dr. Steven Greer is nothing else if not highly controversial, and to be quite honest, I was very skeptical of his claims for a while. Nevertheless, the impressive array of high-ranking military officials he was able to assemble at none other than the National Press Club in 2001 led me to take his claims much more seriously. His documentary Unacknowledged features some of these military figures, and, although it is always important to temper open-mindedness with healthy (but not dogmatic) skepticism, it is well worth watching.

In addition to coming out as a major advocate for ET disclosure, Dr. Greer is emphatic that one of the best ways (if not the best way) to not only communicate with ETs but even to summon their crafts to appear among large groups of people who are then able to videotape these appearances, is through nonlocal practices such as remote viewing and telepathy. Human-initiated contact with ETs is known as a close encounter of the 5th kind, or CE-5, and countless people have testified to its effectiveness and many have also produced recordings of the event. Although I myself have not yet had such success, I am in the process of attempting to cultivate the requisite skills and hope to make such contact at some point in the future.

In this post, I will articulate Dr. Greer’s instructions for making such contact, and I encourage readers to report their experiences, either positive or negative. We will take a look at the technique known as “coherent thought sequencing”, abbreviated CTS. Dr. Greer defines this process as “A specific technique wherein a series of coherent, sequenced thought projections are used, while in the silent state of mind, to guide a spacecraft from space or from some distant point into a research site.” This process is key to “vectoring” in a spacecraft, which vectoring process he defines as “Attracting an ET spacecraft to a research site by predetermined protocols utilizing light, sound and thought,” although a process of secondary vectoring is understood as entailing non-telepathic guidance of a ship through lights once the craft has been sighted.

Dr. Greer prefaces his instructions concerning coherent thought sequencing by emphasizing that human consciousness, like everything else in the universe, is nonlocal, and our experience of consciousness as separate and distinct from the rest of the universe is an illusion. This nonlocality entails that we are not only not bound by space as separate entities, but we are not bound by time either, and it is for this reason that we are able to view either the future or the past, as well as any other point in space.

According to Dr. Greer, ETs have developed technology that allows them to enhance telepathic and other nonlocal abilities that are otherwise our natural birthright as higher-order (relatively speaking) beings of the cosmos, and this allows them to both detect our presence and location, and, if they so wish, visit us at this location. Dr. Greer explains:

“Coherent Thought Sequencing works, and can work in dramatic ways, because the extraterrestrial life forms not only are awake even as you and I are awake, and this awakeness is a singularity and is universal, but because they have technologies that can interface with mind and thought. When an individual accesses this multipotent state of unbounded mind and then specifically remote views a spacecraft, this is something their sensors or their technology can pick it up quite clearly. And then, if you are able to show them precisely where you are located, they are able to read that as clearly as a television transmission or a video tape transmission that would be showing the same thing. The fact that we don’t possess that technology does not mean it does not exist, because these life forms, which are in the hundreds of thousands to millions of years technologically more developed than we are, utilize these types of nonlinear technologies as easily as we turn on light switches or speak on the telephone.”

Ultimately, underlying this process that Dr. Greer articulates is a full-orbed ontology or theory of being, reminiscent of the Advaita Hindu worldview, according to which a totally unified field of consciousness subtends all phenomena, and individual sentient entities are merely fragments of this all-encompassing light of consciousness, as individual prisms, each of which are refracting bits of one, indivisible light.

It is embracing this cosmic idealist perspective that functions as a precondition for being able to make contact with, and summon, these beings. For Dr. Greer, it is in becoming acquainted with, and embracing, this cosmic and all-pervasive “awakeness” that we are eventually able to vector these crafts in. Intriguingly, he explains that part of what makes this cosmic consciousness conducive to ET contact is, no matter how strange these genetically distinct beings may seem to us, entering the realm of pure, universal consciousness establishes a link of familiarity with them as mere fragments of one universal light, which unites us in a bond of universal brotherhood and sisterhood with these entities.

Coherent thought sequencing ultimately entails showing the inhabitants of these crafts where you are so they can find you. Dr. Greer provides instructions on how to start from very broad or coarse grains of resolution, or large-scale perspectives (Milky way, then the Sun, then planet Earth, then Europe, then Sweden, then your city in Sweden, etc.). Once the individual enters the state of mind characteristic of cosmic consciousness, he politely asks the being permission to enter the spacecraft, in a spirit of peace and oneness, and if consent is obtained, engage in coherent thought sequencing in a way that guides the craft through primary vectoring to your location. As Dr. Greer describes:

“For example, if you are located in Denver, Colorado you would show them our Milky Way, the galaxy and its spiral arms, you would show them our star system (the Sun) on one of the outer spiral arms, you would then show them our solar system and the third planet from the Sun known as Earth, with its moon. You would then show them in real time the North American continent and if it is at night that it would be dark but the cities would be visible from space as you are coming to the Earth from space. Then, you would show them the Rocky Mountain region, and to the east the high plains of Colorado. Then, you would show them the city of Denver, which is very large, and sprawling, and illuminated artificially at night. And then, you would show them the specific area, down to a few meters in detail, of where you are located including any lakes, geological formations or mountains, manmade structures, and indeed the group — the members of the team, the number and exactly what you look like and that you will be using beeping tones and lights from that site. This is then repeated over and over again and in fact, one can go from deep space to the specific location in one flow consciousness thought, with practice, which occurs almost instantaneously.

The ideal is not to imagine or just visualize where you are located, although that is perhaps a start, but to actually remote view it in real time. The difference is that in remote view you are actually seeing from deep space the galaxy, the solar system, the Earth, the continent, and the specific location where you are located, as opposed to simply imagining, or visualizing it. But that, for some people, is a distinction which grows slowly and so if the remote view is not possible then visualize it.”


  1. Engage in deep breathing to eliminate anxieties, embracing peace and silence.
  2. Relax all of your muscles.
  3. Become aware of the pure awareness that gives you and all other elements of the universal consciousness.
  4. Although you should be aware of the sounds around you, perceive them through the lens of the universal consciousness that allows you to perceive these elements, understanding that this awareness is infinite, eternal and silent. You are not becoming aware of sounds as such, but becoming aware of the universal consciousness that functions as the precondition for any awareness at all.
  5. Engage in mindfulness of your thoughts of the sort you might practice as a Buddhist. Watch thoughts spontaneously rise and then allow them to fall. However, this process differs from conventional Buddhism in that it does possess ontological assumptions particular to Hinduism which most Buddhists might want to avoid, since Buddhists try to keep their presuppositions to a minimum. Specifically, when you are engaging in mindfulness, it is from the perspective of the World-Mind that pervades all things, rather than trying to approach the topic from a presuppositionless state of the sort cultivated in Theravada Buddhism.
  6. Become aware of your unique ego and then become aware of the Absolute mind that subtends and produces it, and which allows you to perceive this self and perceive the world through it as a unique perspective. Become aware of the infinite, all-pervasive and eternal nature of this universal sentience. Appreciate the fact that this eternal and infinite consciousness is the condition that illuminates all other points of consciousness and individuals as well, and not only individual people and animals, but even objects and complex systems that we are ordinarily and falsely taught are “inanimate.” Perceive this absolute mind pervading your immediate surroundings and all of reality in general.
  7. Perceive this pure consciousness expanding into space and embracing the entire cosmos, especially the Milky Way, focusing on its spiral arms and then the rest of the cosmos, consisting of billions of galaxies. Sit silently and reflect on this silent and infinite consciousness. Allow any sensations, thoughts or perceptions to arise, be mindful of them, and then let them pass before returning to the silent consciousness.
  8. Awaken to deep space and be prepared for mental contact with an extraterrestrial civilization, spacecraft or individual. Acknowledge them, convey your sense of unity with them within the context of the universal mind and invite them to your location through coherent thought sequencing. This entails showing them deep space, the Milky Way with its spiral arms, the Sun (located on one of its arms), focus on Earth, the third planet from the sun, then your continent with its illuminated cities, then zero in progressively on your location. Be mindful that all of these locations are embedded within the absolute, silent consciousness. Tell them the number of team members there and the lights and tones present at your site.
  9. Repeat this process over and over. If you become distracted, become silent again and access the absolute consciousness, view deep space, and descend again to the particulars, progressively zeroing in on your location. You may, at any time, encounter a spacecraft or ET individual. Proceed as instructed previously if this occurs.

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