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Remote Viewing The Underwater UFO Base in the Catalina Islands

Monad Mantis
Jan 14 · 10 min read
The Catalina Islands

Although many remote viewers are familiar with both the unusual activity surrounding what military remote viewers believe they have identified as underground alien bases at key hotspots (Mount Hayes, Mount Nyangani, and Mount Perdido), fewer are aware of remote viewing work that has been conducted on ET activity near the Catalina Islands, where, according to Preston Dennett, there may be an underwater alien base. The area, a hotspot for unusual UFO and USO (Unidentified Submersible Objects, capable of traveling underwater) activity for almost a hundred years, (which, by UFO standards, is stretching into antiquity) and other more disconcerting close encounters like abduction, has become a major point of contention between UFO researchers over the last few years as a result of an unusual landmark spotted by satellite, that some researchers believe may tie together the loose ends in explaining why such unusual activity exists.

As Preston Dennett points out, Robert Stanley, a UFO researcher based in Malibu, and editor of the magazine Unicus, began to study the underwater area around a mysterious, potentially artificial, structure near Malibu. Using Google Maps, he identified what appeared to be a large, flat platform a few miles from the coast of Malibu, that he stated looked manmade. The following year, he identified what appeared to be columns at its base, although he had not yet linked it with the constant UFO and USO sightings. Eventually, Jimmy Church began to talk about it as well, leading to some interesting discussions about the nature of the structure. The coordinates of the structure are 1'23.31"N 11 degrees 59'45.64"W, quite near the center of all of the UFO and USO activity.

However, it would appear that certain elements in the military and intelligence community, including those involved in psychic experimentation, may have been aware of this high-strangeness hotspot, and possibly the structure at its center, for a while.

An amusing incident from a classified report prepared by Project Blue Book’s Lieutenant Colonel Robert Friend, detailed in Grant Cameron’s marvelous book The Portals and UFOs of Mount Shasta, detailed a secret meeting held on July 9, 1959, at a CIA office in Washington under the direction of Arthur Lundahl, of the CIA’s National Photographic Interpretation Center. Lieutenant Colonel Friend, who was at one time the head of Project Blue Book, was eventually contacted by Arthur Lundahl, head of the CIA’s “weird desk” at the time (it was headed by Dr. Christopher Green after him and is now headed by Dr. Rudolf Pandolfi, both of whom are involved in research in psychic and extraterrestrials), so Friend, who had been located at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, could witness alleged extraterrestrial activity which Lundahl claimed a channeler was able to summon.

Together, they gathered in a secure CIA facility with an individual who claimed the ability to communicate telepathically with aliens, and even said he could allow them to speak through him. He was asked technical and scientific questions about space that presumably an alien would know (and which most ordinary citizens would not know), such as “how far is Jupiter”, etc., and the channeler consistently provided accurate information. As Grant Cameron explains, eventually, Lundahl, impressed by the provision of this technically accurate astronomical information, demanded more concrete proof that aliens were behind this. The channeler told Lundahl to go to the window and look out, at which point a flying saucer passed by.

FBI records, as Cameron details, describe an experiment prior to this involving a certain Frances Swan, who similarly claimed the ability to channel aliens telepathically. Her alleged abilities had been brought to the attention by the FBI by retired Rear Admiral Herbert Bain Knowles, who helped Swan write a letter that was forwarded to the Secretary of Defense, whose office then circulated it to the FBI, Navy, Army, Air Force and, finally, the CIA.

A declassified 1954 FBI record state the following concerning Swan:

“…Mrs. Swan stated that there were two spaceships from which she had been receiving messages. They were described as 150 miles wide, 200 miles in length, and 100 miles in depth…these ships are designated as M-4 and L-11 and they also contain mother ships which measure approximately 150 to 200 feet in length…there were approximately 5,000 of these mother ships…’Affa’ [whom Wilbert B. Smith of Canada’s Project Magnet also claimed to have telepathically communicated with] is the Manager of the Commander of the ship M-4 which is from the planet Uranus and ‘Ponnar’ is the Manager or the Commander of the ship L-11 which is from the planet Hatann…”

The FBI record continues:

“These contacts with ‘Affa’ and ‘Ponnar’ were for the purpose of protecting our own earth from destruction caused by the explosion of the atomic bomb, hydrogen bomb, and wars of various kinds which they, ‘Affa’ and ‘Ponnar,’ say disrupt the magnetic field of force which surrounds the earth…’Affa’ and ‘Ponnar’ are presently working the area of the Pacific Ocean [The location of the structure which Preston Dennett and others describe] repairing ‘fault lines’ which are in danger of breaking.”

The man who had initially conducted the channeling of aliens had corresponded with Frances Swan, and the two discussed the matter in the 1980s. Disturbingly, Grant Cameron said he complained about subsequent, incessant harassment by grey aliens, saying (paraphrasing):

“I can’t get rid of them, they’re around me all the time, they won’t leave me alone!”

Swan replied (paraphrasing):

“I told you not to deal with the greys, you wouldn’t listen to me, and now you come back to me for help, you deserve this!”

A certain Naval Intelligence officer, Commander Larsen, had been present at the Frances Swan meeting and had gone into a trance, successfully summoning the ET. It’s a little unclear to me, but I think he is the one who had been subsequently harassed by the greys and who had complained to Frances Swan about it. Swan also taught this technique to Naval Officer Lieutenant Commander Neasham, who contacted AFFA and successfully a flying saucer to pass by the office window.

A declassified 1954 FBI file describes Swan being told by AFFA (whom Wilbert B. Smith of Canada’s Project Magnet also claimed to communicate with) was busy fixing fault lines — significant since the theory of plate tectonics had not been articulated yet.

Dr. Christopher Green, formerly head of the CIA’s “Weird Desk” (his CIA predecessor, Arthur Stendahl, had worked with Frances Swan channeling aliens prior to him), now headed by Dr. Rudolf Pandolfi, said he works with one of their best psychics (adding elsewhere that he has received reliable information that intelligence and/or military agencies still conduct remote viewing sessions), whom he terms “CRM”. As Grant Cameron outlines in his book, Dr. Green said in 2017 that this psychic remote viewed aliens who were likewise fixing fault lines and repairing (likely human-induced) environmental damage in the Pacific. She says told Dr. Green:

“…a craft…I say landed — but I would say it appeared in this dimension, to land — with occupants, which were partly extraterrestrial and part…and a few humans as well. So, there were…Some aboard the craft were human. Okay, that’s where there was a clarification here. So, this is part of this particular event, is part of the ongoing education of influential humans about preparation for a future, potential event. The future potential event is a geologic destabilization in the area…

There was a planned meeting between high ranking civilian and military personnel and The Others, The Watchers, the Extraterrestrials, to give directions concerning geologic stabilization…And civilian personnel. And the Others, The Watchers, The ETs…Certain underwater, offshore and onshore tectonic plate movements, or potential movements, inspired the meeting…I feel that the tectonic plate movements were catalyzed by oil drilling and other incursions into the tectonic plate area by humans…The rather sensitive tectonic plate region. So, in other words, parts of the tectonic interface there, up and down the California coast. They’re like locking points, they’re like trigger points…

The agency of action was a council of three to five alien species, whose mission it is to protect and preserve the offshore base. That is that base down there…near Catalina Island, off the Southern California coast. And to monitor the activity of humans in that area. So, there’s an agency of action, which is literally a communication network between these alien species. There are three to five of these alien species. I asked who might be the agency…what species? I did get the short greys coming from Zeta Reticuli. Also the Arcturians multi-dimensional, and some from the Pleiades.”

I am going to close with a brief detour and discuss the concept of the “Arcturian,” because I find discussion of this kind of being intriguing in a context I consider quite unambiguously reputable, even if the accuracy of the data is obviously far from certain (as opposed to many other contexts in which I have seen this sort of entity mentioned, which I tend to find suspect and too “woo woo” even for my liking). When we hear about aliens, we usually hear about the greys, and sometimes the Nordics, insectoids, or reptilians, but it is usually only among New Age types that we hear of Arcturians. For this reason, I find CRM’s allusion to Arcturians interesting and worth discussing.

The controversial Sergeant Clifford Stone, who appeared at Dr. Steven Greer’s 2001 National Press Club conference, and has authored two books on extraterrestrials, claims to have worked for an elite UFO retrieval team, by virtue of his unique ability to telepathically communicate with aliens. He claims to provide an account of who and what the Arcturians are, alluding initially to Edgar Cayce’s reference to the Arcturians, which, as far as I am aware, is the first reference to such a being. Cayce, and others following him, regard the Arcturians as a straightforwardly benevolent species, and one of the most technologically and spiritually advanced beings in the universe. The word Arcturus, Greek for “Bear Keeper” or “Guardian of the Bear”, is about 37 lightyears from Earth, within the Ursa Major Constellation. The star receives its name from Big and Little Bears, Ursa Major and Ursa Minor. Arcturus, an orange-yellow star visible to the naked eye, is the brightest star in the Bootes constellation and the fourth brightest star in the night sky. This makes Arcturus the third brightest individual star, just beyond Alpha Centauri A.

It is about 18 times our sun in diameter and has 4 times as much mass, and although its surface temperature is about 1500 degrees lower than our sun’s, its greater surface area makes it much more luminous. In Vedic/Sidereal Astrology, Arcturus is known as “Swati,” a Sanskrit word for “the Good Goer” or “Sword.” During the Middle Ages, it was associated with jasper and the plantain herb. Stone describes the Arcturians as a “fifth-dimensional civilization” that functions as a prototype of Earth’s future. This being, as CRM states, is not entirely physical, therefore, but interfaces with much “higher” or subtler densities or dimensions. They are described as healers who possess an energy gateway through which human souls pass through in between physical incarnations and as a kind of “way station” to accustom nonphysical consciousness to the physical realm. As a rule, I am skeptical of “channeled” material, but he recommends We, the Arcturians by Dr. Norma Milanovich as an additional source of reliable information.

He describes the Arcturians as preoccupied, above all, with the attainment of higher spiritual states, and even claims to know an Arcturian living on this planet, whom he claims is profoundly gifted spiritually. He says that the Arcturians teach that the most fundamental ingredient for life on the fifth dimension is “love” and negative emotionality must be completely overcome in order to dwell there. He also says that they work closely with the “Galactic Command” (Galactic Federation?). In fact, he says that it is because of the Arcturians that we have not been totally dominated by negatively oriented extraterrestrials, and says that their Starship Athena circles our planet and protects us.

Clifford Stone goes on to describe the Arcturians as 3–4 feet tall, slender, green, possessing large, black or brown almond-shaped eyes, 3 fingers, and profound telepathic and psychokinetic ability. Indeed, he says that their primary method of navigating reality is telepathic rather than sensory. they have a very long lifespan of 350–400 years and only terminate their bodies voluntarily once their “contract” is complete, since, transcending space and time, they are not subject to ending. He says that as beings who interface with higher dimensions, they are no longer susceptible to duality and live in a state of total communal oneness without competition. Occupations are determined by “a person’s vibrational frequency and the colors in his or her aura,” with caretakers of children and birth-givers requiring a violet aura.

He states that Arcturian elders determine when to give birth, at which point both mates are raised to the 7th density, allegedly that of the ascended master, in order to maximize positive resonance of the infant, in order to ensure that the individual has total mastery over all his thoughts and impulses, emotions and creations. These beings reproduce through some form of psychokinesis rather than sexual union, as lower density creatures like us do. Intriguingly, he states that they do have bases in mountains on our planet. If Clifford Stone’s points here are accurate (and that is certainly questionable) then perhaps it could act as positive testimony for the existence of Arcturian participation in the Catalina Islands base.

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